The pretty enamel jewelry that we will buy

What does your jewelry box look like? If you already have a solid collection of simple gold coins and timeless silver chains, rings and earrings, can we suggest adding something new, fun and new to your accessory drawer? by adding enamel jewelry? You will certainly not regret it, and if you are not familiar with this type of jewelry, let us explain briefly.

Think about where you have already heard the term enamel. Probably with your dentist regarding your enamel, a protective layer that prevents discoloration of your pearly white. In the world of jewelry, enamel is very much like a decorative and protective coating painted on metal. Calla Gold Jewelry, Enamel “is a vitreous and paste-like substance bonded to a metal by melting at very high temperatures in powder form, each powder shape looks like baby powder and you’ll never know the colors. He produces looking at the powder. ”

To help you renew and brighten up your jewelry box, we went shopping to find the finest pieces of enamel rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets on the market. Once you have seen our discoveries, we are almost certain that you will be as delighted as we are with this type of jewelry. Now, read on to see and buy our enamel jewelry edition.

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