A pair of elegant black boots will always be a classic, as will some white ones, but there is only one thing that is particularly cool. Black boots can sometimes seem hard, especially if they are associated with brighter colors (jeans, white pants, etc.). The white boots offer a softer and more airy way to highlight an outfit. It is not surprising that many streetstylers in the first half of the month of fashion hit New York, dressed in crisp white boots. Even though it was a few rainy days, the bright white shoes provided a much needed dose of light.

Inspired by these fashion girls, we went in search of the best affordable white boots that you want to wear day and night all season. From a pair that has subtle allusions to the ever-popular Western trend, which has moved to a different style with a museum-worthy paragraph (sculpted heels are all the rage, in case you missed the note), boots basses were made to walk.

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