15 Brunch is preparing for the fall

The brunch season does not stop just because summer is over. While we are still slowing down the seasonal heat, we are already thinking of the fresh October air, which frankly is our favorite brunch climate. Without the blazing sun and stifling temperatures, we can advance our best fad in fashion. Before the cold winter, nothing sounds better than a bit of fresh air, because we eat eggs and drink Bloody Mary with our best friends on Sunday morning.

This season, there are three essential brunettes to watch, and we are almost certain that you already have something that suits all categories. You’re in good hands with a midi skirt and a fancy t-shirt, a one-and-one dress or vintage-inspired blue jeans. Below you will find our favorite looks for autumn brunch.

Dress and un-DONE

Whether it’s a wrap-around, a printed button placket or a patchwork handkerchief hem, a refined dress is just as appropriate for a morning cocktail or brunch. Just put it on with flat sandals or sneakers and you’re ready to go!

Vintage inspired jeans

Vintage inspired jeans are a real wardrobe. The sturdy cotton fabric is worn all year round and is easy to wear. This fall, we wear it with oversized blazers for a neat interpretation of the trend and a whimsical vibe with a graphic top or t-shirt and heels.

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